About Me

I am a self taught artist, using primarily acrylics.  I used to use oils, but I am really having fun with acrylics right now.  Dry brush is fun & challenging & I hope to do more of it in the future as well.

I grew up on Lake Erie in beautiful Kingsville, Ontario.  I was born with a love for animals & nature. 

 After I got married, we raised our 3 children on a 25 acre horse farm in the county & life got a little too busy for me to find the time to paint.

With my kids all grown up now, I have found the time to enjoy painting again.  It was a 30 year hiatus! 

I still have a passion for wildlife, domesticated animals & of course horses.  I try to capture the personality & expression in these amazing creatures through my brushes & bring them to life.

Commission work is welcome, I can paint portraits of people as well as pets.


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